State and Federal Tax Refund information

  • Federal Tax Return: Internal Revenue Service

  • State Tax Returns: Click your state for state information

Information for states without online verification or with special instructions:


To check the status of your Arizona refund, call  (602) 255-3381 (Phoenix) or 1-800-352-4090 (Toll-free statewide, outside of Maricopa County)


To check the status of your Connecticut refund, call the automated phone system: 1-800-382-9463 (Toll free in-state) or 860-297-5962 (from anywhere).


To check the status of your Georgia refund, call the Automated Refund Information Line at (404) 656-6286 or 1-800-338-2389 (within Georgia but outside of the metro
Atlanta calling area) or 1-877-602-8477 (outside Georgia).

New Mexico

To check the status of your New Mexico refund, you would need to contact the state directly. Click here for the state’s telephone directory.


To check the status of your Oklahoma refund, call the Oklahoma automated phone system at (405)521-3160 OR 1-800-522-8165 (in-state toll free)


To check the status of your Vermont refund, call the Vermont automated phone system at 1-866-828-2685 (toll-free in Vermont) or (802)828-2865 (local or out-of-state)

These states have no state income tax

Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming